Why PNB Training?

Professional Nail & Beauty Acadamy is proud to be a memeber of APPETD. PNB Acadamy's comprehensive courses will enhance the student to master the techniques and the skills of nail and beauty applications. This will include intensive theory and practical training. Intensive training ensures that the student is capable and confident to achieve their full potential and to be able to continue on their own or in a professional salon environment. Students will be issued with a certificate once competency evaluation has been completed and achieved. All courses include a professional training kit and full course manual.

All Beauty Training Courses

Acrylic Liquid Course(4 days) R 5300

The course includes everything you will need to learn about acrylic nails. You will learn to produce the perfect combination of acrylic lyquid and powder and apply it to the different areas of the nail with a brush. By combining acrylic liquid and powder a strong flexible overlay can be produced. This versatile overlay can be applied to the natural nail tip: it can also be sculpted over a form.

Acrylic Dip Course(2 days) R 3500

One of the latest advancements in nail technology. The dip System includes a combination of Resin and Acrylic to quickly create nails that are durable, strong and flexible. This system is suitable for all nail types.

UV Gel Course(3 Days) R 4500

Gel is the latest innovation in the fast-growing nail industry. Gel is slightly easier to apply than acrylic because you do not have to mix powder and liquid. It is odour free and hardwearing. A wide range of gels are available to suit the needs of both the client and the technician.
Course includes a 36W gel lamp.

Gel Polish (1 day) R 2300

Gel Polish is the latest innovation in the fast-growing nail industry.

Complete Nail Course (8 days) R 10000

Includes: Gel, Gel Sculpture, Gel Polish, Acrylic Liquid, Acrylic Sculpture, Acrylic Reverse, Acrylic Dip, Silk & Fiber. A comprehensive course combining all the nail systems.
Course includes a 36W gel lamp.

Facials (5 days) R 5500

This is a very substantial stand-alone course. Your imagination is the limit once you have mastered the basic techniques. Although new products and techniques are released on a regular basis, the basics of this course will remain stable. You will always need to know how to analyse skin, how to do cleansing massages, facial steaming to extract impurities, facial massage techniques and apply masks. We will teach you how to do everything from the most basic to the most professional facial treatments.

Make-Up (2 days) R 5500

Enter the world of professional make up artistry, and discover the many possibilities of this industry! Offer Make-Up packages to Bridal Parties, year end functions, work at Modelling Events - the possibility are endless. This course teaches you to do professional day make-up, evening make-up, and bridal make-up.

Manicure & Pedicure (2 days) R 3600

A wonderful cosmetic treatment of the hands & feet involving cutting, shaping, skin-exfoliation and softening, removal of the cuticles, and even painting of the nails. In this course you will learn how to identify nail diseases & disorders, about the anatomy of the hands & feet, how to perform manicure & pedicure treatents, different massaging techniques, how to do a client consultation, and most importantly, hygene.

Full Body Massage (2 days) R 4000

The systematic manipulation of soft tissue, otherwise known as massage. This does not only help relieve sore muscles and help you to relax, but includes a host of health benefits. In this course we will introduce you to the full body massage that will include the following: front legs, back legs, abdomen, arms, facial, back and neck massages.

Waxing, Tinting & Shaping (1 day) R 5000

The waxing course covers all areas of the face and body waxing, including: leg waxing, bikini waxing, underarms, facial hair, and eyebrow waxing. You will also learn how to do Hot Waxing. Waxing is one of the most popular salon treaatments for which clients return every six weeks. The wax is a natural product which permits fast, effective and almost painless removal of all superfluous hair Eyebrow and eyelash tinting will enhance the general appearence of your eyes and is particularly beneficial for people with light hair or very little hair on their brows and lashes. This is a straight forward, quick and painless procedure using vegetable dye to tint. A range of colours are available to choose from to enhance eyebrows & lashes. This course teaches you all the tecniques used to tint and shape eyebrows.

Lasting Lashes (2 days) R 5000

A market leader in eyelash extentions. Lasting Lashes are semi-permanent, lasting up to between 14 and 90 days with regular maintenance. Eyelash extensions provide thickness and length to the natural eyelashes, thus enhancing the charm and appeal of your eyes.

Conversion Certificate R 1500

This course enables you to switch from your current instutution to a registered PNB certification. The therapist must supply all necessary products. The trainer will assist the therapist to purchase all the necessary products in the shop

Nail Workshop R 1100

All nail systems can be offered as a workshop. Students don't need any former training. Students must bring all the relevent products on the training day. The trainer will assist the students to purchase the necessary products in the shop.

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