Light Concept Nails
LCN Nails from R 350.00
LCN Gel Colour Overlay from R 250.00
LCN Nail Refill from R 200.00
Tips with Acrylic or Gel
French Tips (1hr) R 275.00
Pearl Tips (1hr) R 290.00
Colour Tips (1hr) R 300.00
Natural Tips (1hr) R 330.00
Stiletto Tips (1hr) R 330.00
Tips with French Overlays (1hr) R 330.00
Overlays - With Acrylic colours or Gel Colours
Natural Nail Colour Overlay (1hr) R 275.00
Smile Line - White Overlay (1hr) R 290.00
Colour Overlay - Tip Application (1hr) R 330.00
Natural Tips + French Tip Overlay (1hr) R 350.00
Full Set Sculptured Nails (1hr 30min) R 380.00
Toes and Hands Overlay Gel & Acrylic
Hand Nails Buff/Shine/Polish R 100.00
Toe Nails Buff/Shine/Polish R 100.00
Colour Toes Overlay R 250.00
French Toes Overlay R 275.00
Nail Tips on Toes R 300.00
Nail Art
Nail art sticker (per finger) R 10.00
Nail Art Stamp Disk R 15.00
Nail Art with Rhinestones R 10.00
Full Set Nails with Own Art R 380.00
Maintenance on Gel & Acrylic
Nail ReplacementsR 40.00
2 week fill on clear/french pinkR 200.00
2 week fill on colour & acrylicR 220.00
2 Week fill with different colour on gel or acrylicR 250.00
Soak off only R 70.00
Soak off with new application R 130.00
Make Up
Make Up Trail R 350.00
Special Ocassion Make Up R 385.00
Make Up Lesson R 550.00
Manicures and Pedicures
Manicure (45min)ladies R 165.00
gents R 180.00
Pedicure (45min)ladies R 200.00
gents R 220.00
Add Ons
Own Nail Polish R 30.00
Salon Nail Polish R 70.00
Paraffin Wax R 70.00
French Nail Polish R 80.00
Foot Massage R 150.00
Gel Overlay R 170.00
Gel French Overlay R 180.00
Make Up